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Get It Right Every Time

Imagine if all your people did everything the right way every time?

What difference would that make to your productivity?

iLeader makes it easy.

Give your people
10 years experience at the push of a button
See how your people are executing best-practice in real-time
Deliver on-the-job learning in the most cost-effective way
Drive productivity with automation and integration

A revolution in productivity and effectiveness

iLeader is the new way to ensure all your staff and managers do the right things, in the right way, every time.

Your people do their tasks within iLeader, following your best-practice. Workflows, automation and integration make tasks easier and faster. Real-time reporting shows where you need to focus support.

It’s like giving your people a real-time mentor that’s with them all the time. No more uncertainty about what to do, no more avoiding difficult tasks, no more forgetting a crucial step, just an easier, faster, better way to do it right every time.

Visible on-the-job productivity

Instantly spread best-practice, increase productivity and embed learning with configurable, automated workflows
Easily see activity, productivity and effectiveness with real-time, configurable metrics
Flexible and scalable. Anytime, anywhere, any device

Easy configuration for your best-practice, and a suite of out-of-the-box workflows

Are your people getting it right? Now you know, instantly, in real-time.

With real-time analytics, you can instantly see which staff and managers are executing best-practice and where you need to focus support.

Because it reports on actual day-to-day activity, iLeader Insights helps you ensure your people do the right things today to hit your KPIs tomorrow.

With a range of standard reports and configurable metrics, iLeader gives you the data you’ve been waiting for.

Easily enhance communication

iLeader makes it easy for staff to give fast feedback.

Configurable questions make it easy to get quick on-the-ground data


We created iLeader after we researched organisational productivity. We found that every organisation has their best-practice way to execute business processes, work tasks and and management methods.

The research found that many staff and managers are uncertain about exactly how to do a task, or how to phrase something, or which procedure to follow. Or they get distracted while doing something, or they just forget a step. While training and e-learning help, they’re expensive and don’t adapt to the situation right now.

The research found that what really works is having a mentor to help people with their situation right now, to give them the benefit of experience, whether they need to run a meeting, handover a shift, report an incident or whatever process.

At the same time, organisation leaders find it hard to see how their people are executing best-practice, and give appropriate support, until it’s too late and the KPIs come in.

Of course, it’s just not possible to give everyone a real mentor, or to see how people are executing best-practice wherever they are – so we made it possible, with iLeader.

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