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The first
Learning System – 

Make Learning Real

Increase training ROI,
boost productivity, reduce cost

Turn training into action

Use iLeader’s Experiential learning system to make it easy for learners to apply training concepts and techniques – embed learning on-the-job.

Increase ROI, save cost, measure results

iLeader increases the effectiveness of your learning programs while reducing costs . Flexible reports measure impact.

Build job-relevant skills

Use iLeader’s mobile or desktop experiential learning system to turn learning topics into role-specific workflows that match daily challenges and duties.

Practice makes perfect

Give learners a safe space to practice skills, gain confidence and absorb behaviours while producing output that helps them do their jobs better.

Empower learners, reduce re-work, re-training and support

Embed real-world learning

Use iLeader’s experiential learning system to configure workflows that relate directly to the situations and tasks your learners face in their daily work. Learners handle situations with confidence, turn learning into action and reduce the need for support

Embed soft and critical thinking

Embed skills, behaviour and culture using reflective questions, adaptive responses and situation-specific language suggestions

Give the benefits of a mentor to everyone

Let iLeader help learners think through their work situations and deliver high quality outcomes, just like a human coach would

Connect decisions with outputs

iLeader auto-populates your best-practice templates based on learner responses to guided questions – continually reinforcing links between thinking, actions and output

Embed skills and behaviours with structured, configurable workflows for any business, management or leadership process

Target support, evaluate competence, measure ROI

Flexible, real-time reporting

Use iLeader’s flexible reporting to measure learning ROI, track competence and target support

Track progress and adapt dynamically

Track development progress, prompt stretching with advanced workflows, prepare staff for their next role

Track compliance and competence

Demonstrate that staff are complying with critical legal, regulatory or internal frameworks

Enhance your L&D analytics

Accredit mastery, track behaviour change, spot gaps

Use iLeaders’s Experiential Learning system to turn training into results

Staff follow end-to-end workflows that take them from initial thinking to end results, including droducing useful work outputs. Staff can use iLeader to practice, or to help them operate best-practice in real life situations.

Learning is no longer just about content and knowledge. Learning is about experience and application, because the new currency is skills.

Experts and practitioners recognize that learning overall is not just about formal training, but about… practical on-the-job experiences

World Economic Forum


We created iLeader as the first experiential learning system after years of research into workplace learning. We saw that learners, L&D and business leaders wanted a solution to help learners convert learning into practice. We built iLeader to be the most powerful, user-friendly and flexible way for L&D departments, training providers or anyone deploying learning in the workplace to realise the unique benefits of experiential learning and empower their teams.

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